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A comprehensive range of products for any home, new additions including DIY and cleaning items and home accessories, this range is set to excel and drive sales.

Bin Bags and Bins

Bins, bin bags and bin liners in various sizes and for various uses

Cleaning cloths and..

cleaning cloths, tea towels and packs of wipes for various uses

Clothes Airers and..

Clothes airers, ironing boards, pegs, washing lines and other laundry items.


fire screens, dustpans, home safes, wash brushes, plungers, shelving units, flasks and more homeware items


paint trays, rollers, sand paper, paint brush sets and other general DIY products

Vinyl Gloves

powdered, powder free and other various household gloves in various sizes and for various uses.


adhesive tapes, double sided tape, duct tape, masking tape, clear parcel tape, clear tape in various sizes and uses


A quality, value for money torch collection.