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Everything a gardener may need, from power accessories to plant clips, lawn edging, screening, trellis, bamboo canes, nails and screws, staples, tarps and covers and much more

Garden Tarps and..

Tarps in various sizes and covers such as greenhouse covers, furniture covers and BBQ covers and more

Garden Gloves

ladies and mens garden gloves for various uses and in various styles

Garden Wires and..

Useful gardening items such as clips, wires, nails, screws and hooks.

Bungies Netting and..

bungees, netting and kneelers

Garden Bags and..

Garden bags, garden carts and garden storage chests.

Weed Guard Frost..

weed guard and plant frost protection products

Lawn Edging Trelis..

Log roll, plastic lawn edging, decorative lawn edging, trelis and screening in various styles

Strimmer and Mower..

trimmer line in various sizes and lengths, mower blades and more

Wire Netting

Chicken wire and plastic coated wire in various sizes. Ideal for a variety of uses

Growing Accessories

Twine, string and plant supports including obelisks and decorative garden arches.

Vintage Boots and..

Traditional style wellington boots