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Following a major rebrand, the Kingfisher bird care range has become Nature's Market, with a contemporary rustic design and colour-differentiated categories to make shopping easier. This range is very striking on shelves and appeals to a wide customer base.

Standard Feeders

Every day bird feeders for seed, nut, mealworms, suet balls and cakes.

Deluxe Feeders

Deluxe bird feeders for seed, nut, mealworms, suet balls and cakes.

Squirrel Guard..

Nut, Seed and Suet Ball Feeders with Squirrel Guard.

Wooden Feeders

A charming range of rustic style wooden feeders for bird seed, nuts and suet balls.

Filled Feeders

Assorted bird feeders pre filled with bird feed and ready to hang in the garden in an instant.

Bird Accessories

Bird feeding stations and assorted accessories.

Bird Baths and..

A charming range of bird baths and bird tables - in cast iron, copper effect plastic and hard wood. FSC certified wood products included.

Nesting Boxes

Traditional style wooden bird nest boxes, including products made with FSC certified wood.

Bird Houses &..

Bird house which can also be used as feeders in assorted attractive designs. Includes novelty poly resin houses and natural products made with rustic bush wood.

Bird Seed

Wild bird seed in various pack sizes, from 1 kg to 20 kg.

Wildlife Hotels

Wildlife hotels are the latest trend in the quest to preserve native wildlife, and are very popular with families in particular. This section contains hotels for bees, insects, butterflies and birds

Bird Nut

Bird nut in assorted pack sizes - from 1 kg to 12.75 kg.

Bird Suet Fat Balls

Bird suet fat balls, all unnetted, in pack sizes from 6 - 50.

Bird Suet Feed

Bird suet cakes, logs and pellets.

Meal Worm and High..

Mealworm and high energy feed including niger seed.