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One of the largest but most concise catering ranges in the market, utilising new packaging concepts. A diverse range of disposables including foil, paper and plastic items and other catering essentials.

Bulk Catering..

A range of bulk catering products.

Premium Catering..

High quality catering products and ideal for special occasions.

Foil Food Containers

Disposable foil food containers. Various sizes and uses

Plastic Plates and..

Disposable plastic plates and bowls in various sizes

Paper Plates and..

Catering paper plates and bowls in various sizes

Plastic Glasses and..

Glasses and tumblers in various sizes and uses

Plastic Food..

Plastic food containers in various sizes. Ideal for keeping food fresh.

Click Seal Food..

Air tight click seal food containers in various sizes.

Plastic Cutlery

Disposable plasic knives, forks and spoons.

Table Covers

A range of plastic and paper table covers.

Napkins and..

A range of napkins and serviettes.

Polystyrene Cups..

Polystyrene cups, plates and bowls in various sizes

Sandwich Food and..

Food, sandwich and freezer bags in various sizes

Cake Cases and..

A range of cake cakes and baking accessories.

Cake Boards

Various sized high quality cake boards and boxes.

Catering Foil and..

Catering foils and cling film, ideal for all catering needs.

Catering Accessories

catering straws, cocktails sticks and utensils


Party range ideal for any celebration

Banqueting Roll

Banqueting roll in various colours and sizes